Membership 2018/19

 Membership Rates 2018/2019Annual Fee
First Year Member* - Male320
First Year Member* - Female320
Ordinary Member530
Country Member380
First Year Summer Membership* (Nov 1st-Apr 30th)180
Summer Membership (Nov 1st-Apr 30th)290
Junior Member < 18Yrs50
Intermediate Member (18 – 25 Yrs)100
Auxiliary Member (Males & Females)430
Country Auxiliary Member280
Non Playing Member50
Note: * 1st Year Memberships are only available to those individuals who have never been a member of the Korumburra Golf Club.Subscriptions Rates include all Affiliation Fees and Hole-in-one insurance (Home Club Only).Pro Rata Membership Rates apply for those applying for membership after 30th April. Pro Rata rates are not extended to existing members or to members who pay their membership fees late.