Back Nine

Hole 10


MEN: Par 3 – 205 Mtrs – Index 18/36               WOMEN: Par 3 – 204 Mtrs – Index 9

A panoramic view of Korumburra township and Wilson’s Promontory from this elevated tee.  The hole plays downhill to a reasonable sized green which is hard to get on because it is quite fast from front to back.

Hole 11

MEN: Par 4 – 315 Mtrs – Index 14/29               WOMEN: Par 4 – 228 Mtrs – Index 16

A straightaway hole playing to an elevated green.  You cannot see the surface of the green from the fairway – check the pin placement from the adjacent 9th tee.  Getting approach shots close can sometimes be difficult as the green slopes from front to back.

Hole 12

MEN: Par 4 – 408 Mtrs – Index 14/29               WOMEN: Par 5 – 370 Mtrs – Index 12

A picturesque dogleg right around a reservoir.  The fairway is wide however you need a strong tee shot down the centre/right to have any chance of reaching in regulation.  The approach is through a narrow “funnel” to a reasonably sized flat green.

Hole 13

MEN: Par 3 – 142 Mtrs – Index 16/35                 WOMEN: Par 3 – 120 Mtrs – Index 17

A beautiful par 3 with a water hazard, native grasses and a deep bunker protecting the green short/right and a crop of trees protecting the right.  A flat green where birdies can be made, but history shows many promising rounds have come to grief here.

Hole 14

MEN: Par 4 – 294 Mtrs – Index 7/25                  WOMEN: Par 4 – 223 Mtrs – Index 10

Webb’s Horror” – named after Laurie Webb, Life Member (now deceased), who had 17 putts on this green one day in a stroke round.  Thankfully since then the green has been extended and the front sloped section is not used for pin placements.

One of the tightest driving holes around.  The tee shot is over water to a fairway that slopes significantly from left to right and away from you.  The approach is up a steep hill to a long, narrow green protected by a bunker on the right.  Missing this green long or to the right can result in quite a few more shots being required before holing out!

Hole 15

MEN: Par 4 – 359 Mtrs – Index 4/22                WOMEN: Par 4 – 345 Mtrs – Index 3

A tight driving hole with OOB on the right.  The elevated tee has a view of most of the course and is open to the elements.  The prevailing wind is generally into your face from the left, bringing OOB into play.  Unless you make the gully you may have an awkward approach from a downhill lie to an elevated green, which is protected left and right with bunkers.  The green basically slopes from right to left, but, being a newer green doesn’t have anywhere near the borrow of the older greens.

Hole 16

MEN: Par 4 – 280 Mtrs – Index 17/32               WOMEN: Par 4 – 252 Mtrs – Index 14

A drivable par 4 over a hill to a fairway that slopes from right to left.  The green is protected by mounds at the front and slopes from right to left.  Missing the green to the right can lead to a tricky up and down.  Beware left hand pin placements particularly at the front.

Hole 17

MEN: Par 4 – 360 Mtrs – Index 5/23                  WOMEN: Par 4 – 360 Mtrs – Index 2

A  tight driving hole with OOB right, generally playing into the prevailing wind.  The fairway is not overly wide and slopes from right to left.  The approach is to a medium sized, flat green nestled close to trees on the left side.

Hole 18

MEN: Par 5 – 432 Mtrs – Index 11/27               WOMEN: Par 5 – 363 Mtrs – Index 4

Plays longer than its meterage as it’s all the way uphill back to the clubhouse.  The longer route along the right hand tree line (OOB) will provide a level stance for each shot, whereas down the centre/left you may have a side hill lie on the right-to-left sloping fairway.  The approach is to a medium sized green that is protected by a bunker on the front right.  The green slopes from right to left – beware left hand pin placements.

Front Nine