The back Nine

The course is a relatively short but tight parkland, with trees lining the fairways. Golfers will enjoy the picturesque views across Korumburra Golf Club. The course, although short in length will provide an enjoyable test for golfers of all skill levels. Korumburra Golf course features undulating fairways that wind their way across the hills. Golfers will require accuracy if they are to succeed at Korumburra Golf Club!

Hole 10

Men Par 3 - 205m Index 9/34
Women Par 3 - 199m Index 9/34

A panoramic view of Korumburra township and Wilson’s Promontory from this elevated tee.  The hole plays downhill to a reasonable sized green which is hard to get on because it is quite fast from front to back.

Hole 11

Men Par 4 - 315m Index 14/29
Women Par 4 - 225m Index 16/32

This challenging hole is defined by the penalty area that runs all the way down the right side. The drive is therefore very important. So aim up the left side. The green is elevated from the fairway, but is fairly flat and rather generous in size. 

Hole 12

Men Par 4 - 408m Index 2/20
Women Par 5 - 370m Index 12/28

The 12th hole is the second hardest hole on the course. Like the 11th, 3/4 of the right side is penalty area, which runs beside the reservoir and courses water supply. It takes two very good shots to reach the green in two. The green does slope back to front and a two putt is a very good result.

Hole 13

Men Par 3 - 142m Index 16/35
Women Par 3 - 118m Index 17/35

This little par 3 gem is set up against some pine trees and is guarded on the right by a bunker. The pond on the right adds a little extra visual challenge to the hole as well. The green is also flatter than most and offers a good chance for a par.

Hole 14

Men Par 4 - 295m Index 7/25
Women Par 4 - 221m Index 10/26/44

The 14th hole is legendary and is known as “Webb’s Horror”  after Laurie Webb. Back in the day the fairway was mowed all the way to the green and balls would roll off the green and all the way down the hill. Now there is rough about 80 m out. The green slopes left to right and is guarded by a bunker on the right. 

Hole 15

Men Par 4 - 359m Index 4/22
Women Par 4 - 345m Index 3/21/39

This very picturesque hole offers the most panoramic views of the golf course and is the furthest hole from the club house. The drive is very demanding as there is out of bounds all the way down the right side and a penalty area on the left about 120 m from the hole. The green offers a unique challenge with a hump on the right middle of the green.

Hole 16

Men Par 4 - 280m Index 17/32
Women Par 4 - 252m Index 14/30

This drivable hole for the decent hitter offers a birdie opportunity with a well struck drive. The fairway does have a large right to left slope, so it is better to aim up the right side, while avoiding the out of bound fence on the right. The green has a similar slope as the fairway.

Hole 17

Men Par 4 - 360m Index 5/23
WoMen Par 4 - 357m Index 2/20/38

The 17th offers danger on the right with pine trees lining the out of bounds. The fairway is a slight dogleg right and a good drive sets you up for a mid iron into a friendlier green. 

Hole 18

Men Par 5 - 432m Index 11/27
WoMen Par 5 - 361m Index 5/23/41

The home hole rises up before you as you stand on the tee box and you can see the Club House just beyond the green. This par 5 is uphill all the way, with the same pine trees lining the out of bounds as the 17th. The fairway does slope right to left and the shot into the green is uphill. A bunker on the left catches balls hit a little left, with the car park right behind the green. A big green will greet you which has a lot of slope in places. Many a round has been won or lost on this hole.