The Front Nine

The course is a relatively short but tight parkland, with trees lining the fairways. Golfers will enjoy the picturesque views across Korumburra Golf Club. The course, although short in length will provide an enjoyable test for golfers of all skill levels. Korumburra Golf course features undulating fairways that wind their way across the hills. Golfers will require accuracy if they are to succeed at Korumburra Golf Club!

Hole 1

Men Par 3 - 123m Index 18/36
Women Par 3 - 120m Index 18/36

A relatively straight forward opening hole which is downhill and plays to a green that slopes left to right.  Beware pin placements on the right as putting from the centre/left can still leave plenty of work to do.

Hole 2

men Par 4 - 427m Index 1/19
Women Par 5 - 426 Index 6/24/42

The hole plays over a hill to a fairway that slopes left to right.  The fairway is generously wide and the green slopes from back/left to front/right.  A second putt from beyond the hole can sometimes be difficult.

Hole 3

men Par 4 - 279 Index 15/30
Women Par 4 - 275 Index 13/29

A short dogleg right to left, with tall trees guarding the left corner.  Gives the big hitters an opportunity to get close to the green providing they shape the ball around the corner.  The green slopes from back to front – very important to keep the ball below the hole.

Hole 4

men Par 4 - 290 Index 12/28
Women Par 4 - 286 Index 15/31

A straight away hole which can be driven by the long hitters in the right conditions.  Both the fairway and green slope gently from left to right making shots from the left hand side of the fairway more difficult.  The green is not very deep and is protected by 2 bunkers behind, with a difficult up and down.

Hole 5

men Par 4 - 347 Index 3/21
Women Par 4 - 345 Index 1/9/37

Perhaps Korumburra’s signature hole.  Can play longer than its meterage as you drive into a hill which slopes gently from left to right.  Longer hitters need to be wary of a water hazard which is situated over the hill on the right hand side.  From the top of the hill you play over a gully to a green which sits at an angle and slopes from left to right.  Two putting from above the hole is a severe test.

Hole 6

men Par 4 - 330 Index 8/24
Women Par 4 - 285 Index 11/27/45

Wide fairway which slopes significantly from right to left.  Small “upturned saucer” green also slopes from right to left.  Missing the green right will leave possibly the hardest chip on the course.

Hole 7

men Par 3 - 162 Index 6/33
Women Par 4 - 154 Index 7/33

Testing uphill par 3 playing generally into the prevailing wind to a very small green which slopes from back to front.

Hole 8

men Par 5 - 467 Index 13/31
Women Par 5 - 381 Index 8/25/43

A panoramic view from the tee sees a wide fairway with gentle undulations.  The green sits on a small hill and is protected by mounds at the front.  The green slopes from back/right to front left – beware a left hand pin if chipping/putting from the right.

Hole 9

men Par 4 - 308 Index 10/26
Women Par 4 - 305 Index 4/22/40

An uphill par 4 which is full of deception. The fairway looks wide but go too far right and you will be blocked out by trees – but the right side of the fairway gives the best angle to attack this long, narrow elevated green.  The green surface cannot be seen from the fairway.